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An architect, musician (the leader of the group “Trebunie-Tutki”), teacher, composer, poet, born in Zakopane. He received his degree at the faculty of Architecture at Cracow Polytechnic (1994), also studied pedagogy there, specialising in music, dance and highland singing.

His other achievements: the Student Highland Group “Skalni” in Cracow - instructor of music, dance and singing (1989-94); Youth Cultural Centre – instructor of folk music (1994 -); the Architecture Studio “Tyrałówka” in Zakopane – architect (1994-97); co-owner of the Architecture Studio “Maja” in Zakopane (1997-); juror at: The Polish Radio Folk Festival - New Tradition in Warsaw (since 2007);

He won individual awards at folk festivals in Kazimierz on the Vistula in 1982, 2013  and in Żywiec in 1992, 2001, 2006, 2010. 2014  - Grand Prix as well as at international festivals in Katowice 1991 and Zakopane 1992; performing with the “Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka Group” he won prizes at national and international folk festivals (Zakopane 1994 and Żywiec 1997, "Multiinsrumentalist" 2012); "Honoris Gratia" from Higlanders Associations 2008, "Honorowy Ambasador Polszczyzny" 2008, "Gloria Artis" from Polish Ministry of Culture

Together with the Trebunie-Tutki Group he won the Polish TV award “Individuality of 1995”.

As an architect he specialises in wooden architecture; he composes and writes lyrics (so called “new highland music”); he is also a scriptwriter – films and musicals, and sometimes appears in films (e.g. “Girl Guide” directed by Juliusz Machulski).

Hobbies: history, music, travels

Adres: Tatrzańskie Centrum Kultury i Sportu -  Jutrzenka,
     ul. Grunwaldzka 3, 34 – 500 Zakopane,
    mobile:  +48 601 486 371



Her actions and life choices have always been centred on art and music. At the age of six she started learning to play the piano in Junior Musical School. However, she got tired of practising the same pieces and decided on art as her main subject. That is why she chose College of Artistic Weaving in Zakopane and then graphic arts at Cracow Academy of Fine Arts, where she received her degree. At some point she realised that she was also interested in something else and so she set out to study religion at the University of Cracow. That is where her thesis on old beliefs and highland magic was written.

Anna has always played together with her father, Władysław; he was her first teacher. Her elder brother Krzysztof helped her to develop further.

She was a member of various regional folk groups: as a child – “Little Podhale”, later – “Budorze” and as a student - “Skalni”, she travelled with them all over Europe.

In the group “Trebunie-Tutki” she plays mainly folk instruments, sings and dances.



The youngest son of "Plato", currently attending the School of Artistic Clothing Design in Cracow. Before that he learned the art of instrument building under the supervision of two masters: Jerzy Nitoń and Stanisław Marduła in Adam Kenar Fine Arts Secondary School in Zakopane. He spent part of his early childhood touring Europe with a children's highland folk group “Little Podhale” although his chief interests at the time were horses and sheep.

During numerous parties at his family home in Biały Dunajec he listened attentively to highland musicians. Soon he went to a festival in Kazimierz on the Vistula where, together with his father Władysław , he won the first prize in the competition “Big – Small”. Although his language required some polishing (traces of highland dialect still there), he turned out to be the best at the District Children’s Competition of Poem Reciting and Story Telling. Earlier still, at the age of five he learned the basics of highland dancing.

He was born around 1980.


     Member of Trebunie-Tutki Family since 2010 year. He participated in traditional music projects with Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka Group and Trebunia Family Group. One of the most talented higlander fiedler from Biały Dunajec, living in Z±b. The wninner of folklore festiwals, folk music competitions and recorded on many albums. Since 2006 year he teach traditional music in Centre of Culture in Biały Dunajec..




Born in 1942 in Poronin. A graduate of the Fine Arts Secondary School in Cracow and the Academy of Fine Arts. He started studying painting, but after three years he changed his mind and took up studies at the faculty of Artistic Fabric, where he got his degree in 1968.

He has taken part in about 35 collective exhibitions and 20 individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He has presented his works in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Russia. He designs fabrics, paints on canvas, walls and glass using various techniques.

His fabrics have been presented in many countries, his oil and glass paintings can be found in collections all over the world.

His wall paintings, stained glass and various sacred works decorate chapels, churches and private houses in Zakopane, Poronin and other towns and villages all over the Tatra mountains area.

In 1978 he took part in an exhibition celebrating the 400th anniversary of Zakopane and received the Minister of Art and Culture award.

He was given a gold distinction for his services to the city of Zakopane and the district.

In 1997 he received the Stanisław Witkiewicz award.
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